Freedom Mill Firearm Training Classes

SUNDAYS WITH STEVE SILVEY, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

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Basic Pistol Training

2:30-6:00pm Every 1st and 4th Sunday

  • Learn safety, proper weapon handling, loading and unloading, how to choose the right firearm for you and shooting on the range.
  • Eye, ear, gun rental, and ammo available in store.
  • Class size is limited, so you must sign up 24 hours in advance.

$125 per person

Advanced Personal Defense

3:00-6:00pm Every 3rd Sunday

Learn to further protect yourself and your loved ones with the next level of personal defense. During this course you will learn to draw, shoot and engage singular or multiple targets while static or on the move. Must be proficient and familiar with your firearm. All shooting will be done in the range.

$175 per person

Personal Defense

2:00-6:00pm Every 2nd Sunday

  • This class covers strategies for home safety, strategies for outside the home safety, what constitutes a self-defense situation, skills and attitude to avoid dangerous confrontations, tools for self-defense, responding to violent confrontations, fundamental survival tactics for home invasion, and basic shooting skills for home invasion.
  • Required items: eye and ear protection, comfortable closed toed shoes, firearm and ammo. If you do not have these items, they are available for rent in store.
  • Class size is limited so you must sign up 24 hours in advance.

$150 per person

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